White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator Deborah Birx has been praised as a data-driven task master. She has also aggressively undermined the CDC and sometimes pushed the president’s position over scientific consensus, a Science investigation found.   The most…

The White House is “openly embracing” a controversial herd immunity strategy in a bid to end lockdowns over the objections of top scientists, 

Despite President Trump’s self-described rosy health status, physicians warn that he is still in a pivotal phase of the illness, The New York Times reports.    

The US clocked another record-breaking day with 60,500 new COVID-19 infections reported yesterday, according to Reuters—the largest one-day increase by any country since

Frontline health workers report a frustrating return to shortages of protective gear.

The Indian Academy of Sciences pushed back on its government's plans to release its homegrown vaccine in mid-August, calling the timeline “unreasonable and without precedent,” according to

In America, this is what it has come to: Health workers in scrubs standing in a crosswalk, blocking carloads of social-distance protesters. Hundreds of people gathered in Denver and elsewhere over the weekend, protesting the infringement on their rights—and underscoring…

Americans are eagerly awaiting the reopening of the country—but despite White House guidelines that foresee a near-future return to normalcy, scientists tend to disagree, the New York Times reports.  

The White House released new guidelines yesterday intended to guide reopening decisions, while pro-Trump

A New Yorker profile hails Anthony Fauci, the infectious diseases advisor steering Americans through the COVID-19 crisis, as “America’s Doctor."