Poverty and unemployment caused by COVID-19 are likely making children more vulnerable to being recruited as child soldiers, 

A bubonic plague outbreak is spreading in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 

COVID-19 has been depriving more than 97% of children in Latin America and the Caribbean of an education, according to a UNICEF report released yesterday.

More than 50 women say they suffered sexual abuse by aid workers during Congo’s Ebola crisis, a joint 

COVID-19’s collateral damage could drive up the global child mortality rate for the first time in 6 decades, The Washington Post reports, citing a 

Wealthy countries are throwing their weight—and cash—around in the global scramble for masks, gloves, gowns, and test kits. 

Not a single country is doing enough to protect children’s lives and their futures, according to a landmark report from a WHO-UNICEF-Lancet commission.   Despite that bleak assessment, the report urges countries to learn from some countries’ successes.   South Korea, Norway…

Fed up that pneumonia—curable and highly preventable—kills a child every 39 seconds, a collection of 6 health agencies issued a joint call for governments to act.   Last year, 800,000 children died from pneumonia. Yet despite causing 15% of deaths in children under 5, it…

It sounds like promising news: The US and the Taliban are in talks to halt almost 2 decades of fighting in Afghanistan.   But when troops withdraw, what will happen to the aid that one of the world’s poorest countries relies on?  

Akon Mathiong is mourning 2 young grandsons, who died of measles last week in South Sudan.   Both had been vaccinated—spurring concerns of compromised vaccines.   A Kuajok doctor reports more than 10 cases among vaccinated children since January, amid an outbreak that has…