5 polio vaccination team members were killed and at least 4 wounded by gunmen early today in 2 separate attacks in eastern Afghanistan, 

Hundreds of children are feared missing or separated from their families after thousands in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo fled the eruption of the notorious Mount Nyiragongo, 

These days “vaccine” means “COVID vaccine,” but World Immunization Week is reminding us how many routine life-saving interventions have been lost to the pandemic.     Global Take:

The wealthy vs. developing countries’ scuffle over patent rights to COVID-19 vaccines has intensified at the World Trade Organization this week.

Poverty and unemployment caused by COVID-19 are likely making children more vulnerable to being recruited as child soldiers, 

A bubonic plague outbreak is spreading in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 

COVID-19 has been depriving more than 97% of children in Latin America and the Caribbean of an education, according to a UNICEF report released yesterday.

More than 50 women say they suffered sexual abuse by aid workers during Congo’s Ebola crisis, a joint 

COVID-19’s collateral damage could drive up the global child mortality rate for the first time in 6 decades, The Washington Post reports, citing a 

Wealthy countries are throwing their weight—and cash—around in the global scramble for masks, gloves, gowns, and test kits.