CDC scientists were racing to find out why healthy young people across the US were falling sick and dying. Though the illnesses were quickly tied to vaping, the actual cause was a mystery.

US health officials have homed in on a likely source of vaping-related illness that have sickened 2,000+ and killed at least 40 so far, AP reports.

In the Philippines, Juul’s retail strategy looks much like Baskin Robbins’—prominently displaying flavors that appeal to young people, NPR Goats and Soda reports.

The Trump administration moved toward banning flavored e-cigarettes yesterday, concerned by rising numbers of youth vapers and reports of severe lung illnesses, STAT reports.

Regulatory gaps and legal roadblocks are frustrating efforts to pinpoint the cause of critical lung disease suddenly striking teens and young adults who vape.  Until now, the FDA has neither reviewed nor regulated vape products. But 193 potential cases of lung disease and…

Just a few puffs of e-cigarette vapor—even with no nicotine, no flavorings—can have a major and immediate adverse effect on vascular systems, according to research published yesterday.  

Juul paid for access to young people, according to testimony in a US Congressional hearing to determine the company’s role in a youth vaping epidemic that has spiraled since the company’s 2015 launch.  

“Gottlieb has been shockingly good so far. I hope he doesn’t get fired,” worried Stanford’s Keith Humphreys, a Trump critic. Well, Gottlieb didn’t’ get fired, but the FDA commissioner did step down of his own accord Tuesday, Vox reported.

As debate roils over whether e-cigarettes are a key quit-smoking tool or a bane on health, new research says e-cigarettes are twice as effective as nicotine replacements for people trying to quit, the Washington Post reported<

Teen vaping shot up 75% among high schoolers in 2017. And while e-cig company Juul denies marketing products directly to youths, a new white paper by Stanford University researchers concluded that Juul’s 2015-2018 advertising “was patently youth-oriented.”