Confronted with a highly transmissible new variant, Vietnam is deploying aggressive measures including plans to test all 9 million residents of Ho Chi Minh City and a 2-week lockdown for the city.  

While India has captured the world’s focus, Latin America is emerging as a global hotspot for the pandemic.  

The scale of COVID-19’s attack on India is difficult to imagine, but a widely shared Lancet ed

India clocked a record-breaking 314,835 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours,

Public health experts have largely offered up reassurance that existing COVID-19 vaccines work well against dominant variants, as

The growing spread of variants—like the more contagious B.1.1.7 variant first found in the UK that is now dominant in the US,

In countries where the B.1.1.7 variant is dominating, the picture is getting much worse, 

The coronavirus variant that has come to dominate South Africa’s outbreak—501Y.V2—is notable both for the large number of changes it shows compared to the original virus and for their significance.  

The P.1 COVID-19 variant first discovered in Brazil is highly infectious and may be able to evade the natural immune response, according to an initial, not-yet-peer-reviewed assessment,