With the loss of 21 million US jobs in April and unemployment reaching 16%, pressure continues to build to reopen the economy.  But SARS-CoV-2 trendlines show that’s not a good idea. 

Even as 27 states have taken steps toward reopening their economies, new models show a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths.  Texas, Indiana, and Florida—among others—are easing social distancing strictures although they haven’t met reopening criteria set by the…

Derek Canavaggio ran the numbers and decided it wasn’t worth reopening the bar he manages in Athens, Georgia, according to The Atlantic.  

Until COVID-19 came along, California lawmakers gunning for further densification had gained the upper hand, pushing for more housing near job centers and transit hubs, and less building in wildfire-prone outlying areas.   The pandemic has giving new ammo to critics of…

Human rights activists are raising the alarm about prison conditions amid COVID-19. The true extent of COVID-19 in prisons is far from clear—but when widespread testing is done behind bars, the results have been startling—more than 70% of inmates tested positive in one…

Today marks the UN’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and it comes as health workers worldwide are under extraordinary strain as they hold down the COVID-19 frontlines.  

With 97 million people and a shared border with China, Vietnam hasn’t reported asingle COVID-19 death and has just 268 confirmed cases.

Police are brutally enforcing lockdowns and curfews in several African countries, Deutsche Welle reports. The approach could backfire and lead to unrest that countries can ill afford while they're trying to fight COVID-19, human rights groups warn.

Despite COVID-19’s economic devastation, the US health insurance industry could emerge unscathed.

There’s no hiding the rows of ambulances forming long lines outside Moscow’s hospitals.