One of the biggest challenges of distributing a COVID-19 vaccine: cold storage—and one of the most promising vaccine candidates yet has particularly high maintenance requirements.   Pfizer’s vaccine must be kept “colder than winter in Antarctica”: -70 degrees C to be exact…

Less disruptive and costly COVID-19 restrictions can work as well as more intrusive steps like lockdowns to slow the spread of SARS-CoV2, according to a new study ranking the effectiveness of government interventions around the world. The researchers from the Medical…

The world has closely watched Sweden’s light-touch approach to pandemic restrictions. Now, like many of its neighbors, the country’s cases are surging—possibly at the fastest rate in Europe.   

More good vaccine news broke this morning as biotech company Moderna announced 

Months of progress in making COVID-19 care more efficient in US hospitals is being erased by staggering COVID-19 case numbers and rising health worker burnout.  

Italian cancer researchers unexpectedly discovered signs that SARS-CoV-2 was circulating in Italy months before the first patient was identified there in January 2020, 

A “humanitarian disaster.” And: “covid-hell.”

Following Pfizer's news that its COVID-19 vaccine shows 90% efficacy, Russia rushed to report that its Sputnik V vaccine candidate shows 92% efficacy, 

Since the pandemic began, China has enacted several new regulations aimed at stopping the spread disease from animals to humans, including a ban on breeding terrestrial wildlife for meat consumption.  

By official numbers, India’s outbreak is ebbing while COVID-19 cases surge in the US and Europe.   Since mid-September: