During a pandemic that is forcing doctors to make life or death decisions because of equipment shortages, what are the ethics of who gets what?  

People in treatment for opioid addiction once joked about an “apocalypse” making it impossible for them to access treatment—now that nightmare is becoming a reality,BuzzFeed News reports.  

Stay-at-home orders and other strict social distancing measures have dealt a massive blow to the US economy, but they appear to be working.

“This is the humanitarian mission of our lifetimes. And we won’t win every battle,” the chief medical officer of a New York City health system wrote to her staff last week. She warned that patients requiring ICU-level care were going to surpass their resources, according to…

Well before COVID-19 shocked the world, researchers at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation—set up just 3 years ago—were busy preparing for just such an unknown: “Disease X.”   COVID-19 is that disease—and thanks in part to CEPI, vaccine development has…

Chaos reigned at the CDC during the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak, ProPublica reports.   Hundreds of emails sent from January to early March reveal “an antiquated public health system trying to adapt on the fly.”   The correspondence reveals:

Early blunders in its COVID-19 response have pushed the US to a tragic supremacy: It now has more confirmed cases than any other country, The New York Times reports. 

The COVID-19 pandemic underscores the existing vulnerabilities of tribal communities across the US, several of which have been hit by the virus.

People who rely on addiction support groups are finding themselves isolated and at risk of relapse amid the COVID-19 pandemic.   Alcoholics Anonymous groups taken a range of actions. In Mexico City, meetings have hand sanitizer at the door; in Nairobi, some groups meet in…

COVID-19 is giving the world a glimpse of the high-stakes science performed by infectious disease modelers who drive policymakers’ decision-making.