President Biden ordered US intelligence agencies to step up efforts to investigate the origins of COVID-19, 

The portfolio of the Manhattan firm Siri & Glimstad—the go-to lawyers for anti-vaccination groups—is a peephole into the well-resourced fight against vaccine mandates in American police forces, schools, and other institutions,

The pandemic has pushed untold numbers of children out of classrooms and into work at brick kilns, carpet factories, gold mines, and stone quarries. 

Where and how did COVID-19 start? No one knows, but the hypothesis of a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology has vaulted back into consideration.  

Glancing nervously towards the clock, Brenda Epoo, an experienced midwife and perinatal service coordinator, reaches for a folded set of fresh bed sheets. With only 5 minutes before the next patient arrives, Epoo must handwash all of her instruments and change the linens on…

The CDC is investigating rare reports of heart inflammation in young people soon after COVID-19 vaccination—though the number of cases of myocarditis is small and has not exceeded expected baseline rates,

Patients who end up hospitalized with severe Covid are far likelier to die in Africa than other parts of the world,

Shattered by a pandemic that exposed a flawed and failing global health system, the world has a rare chance to remake both WHO and core global infrastructure for pandemic preparedness and response. Will it?

A crush of people mobbed a Manila site trying to get the Pfizer vaccine earlier this week.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans are dropping their masks as the CDC is taking hits for recent murky guidance.