As the world comes to terms with the inevitable spread of COVID-19—now in at least 2 dozen countries—we’re all likely to have a brush with it, James Hamblin reports in The Atlantic.  

COVID-19 “spot fires” erupted in the Middle East, Italy, and South Korea over the weekend, with tough-to-trace cases that officials say signals a new phase of the outbreak, the AP reports.

According to China’s official count, new COVID-19 cases are falling fast—but the reason could be shifting ways to count cases, infectious disease specialists suspect. And they’re losing confidence in the numbers, writes Helen Branswell in STAT.

A group of 27 prominent public health experts denounced a rash of conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 could have originated in a Wuhan lab,Science reports.

It is looking like COVID-19 spreads much easier than SARS, will be harder to contain, and cause greater harm, the Los Angeles Times reports

With 760 million people in China under residential lockdown, scientific experiments in China are pretty much at a standstill, leaving researchers wondering how they can continue their work without compromising safety,Science reports.   

COVID-19’s spread on cruise ships is raising tough questions about how to track the disease and what’s the best approach to quarantines.  

COVID-19 forecasts are coming in, and they range from big to nightmarish. One estimate is that the new coronavirus could rack up “billions more infections” and eventually affect two-thirds of the global population, according to a top WHO advisor Ira Longini, Bloomberg…

Chinese officials have expressed hope the novel coronavirus outbreak could be peaking, citing a fall in new cases in the last couple of days, the AP reports. But Chinese epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan cautioned that much work remains.

The Trump administration has outlined $3 billion in cuts to global health in its 2021 budget proposal—a move that would halve the US contribution to the WHO as the world battles the coronavirus outbreak, Foreign Policy reports.