The White House is “openly embracing” a controversial herd immunity strategy in a bid to end lockdowns over the objections of top scientists, 

In a world of gloomy global health news, progress against the leading cause of contagious and irreversible blindness—trachoma—is heartening. The WHO has reported a remarkable 91% reduction in people at risk of contracting the neglected tropical disease since 2002.

With the built-in injustices of the US health care system on full display as COVID-19 ravages communities, imagine that Switzerland, France, and Spain—which all fare better in health system efficiency—band together to redesign US health care.

This is good news: A cocktail of synthetic antibodies has shown promising, early results for beating back the coronavirus in patients that aren’t yet seriously ill.  

COVID-19 deaths passed the 1 million mark yesterday, just 9 months into the pandemic:

Sweet relief for testing systems dogged by delays: A $5 test that can diagnose COVID-19 in 30 minutes or less—without specialized staff or medical equipment, 

Big news: A pair of new papers confirm scientists’ hunch that the body’s “vanguard virus fighter”—type I interferon—is out of action in severe COVID-19 cases.  

While Africa’s COVID-19 cases have remained lower than projected, the pandemic has had major indirect impacts, according to a new 

The CDC’s shifting guidelines on airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 have real and immediate consequences for front-line health workers, The Guardian reports.

More than 100,000 Chinese citizens have already been given a COVID-19 vaccine before safety trials were completed, a state-owned company behind 3 vaccine candidates said Monday, Vox report