The death toll is 103 and rising from massive flash floods that caught Germany and its western neighbors off guard, as once-in-a-century rains weaponized swollen rivers and carved a path of destruction through ill-prepared villages,

While grieving family members combed through charred blankets and belongings looking for signs of their loved ones, the death toll climbed to 92 in a fire that blazed through a COVID-19 hospital ward in Nasiriya, Iraq Monday night, 

Haiti: Doctors Dodging Bullets  

The blistering heat wave with temperatures topping 47.9 C (118 F) in 1 town in British Columbia has caused dozens of deaths, The Globe and Mail reports.   The record-setting heat has made it difficult for emergency services in the province to keep up:

The approaching Amazon forest fire season carries an extra menacing threat for Indigenous people in Brazil already suffering from COVID-19 lung damage,

Amid relentless fighting in Tigray, Eritrean soldiers and local fighters are “using food as a weapon of war,” by deliberately blocking supplies to the more than 1 million people in areas outside government control, according to Mark Lowcock, the UN's top humanitarian…

Hundreds of children are feared missing or separated from their families after thousands in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo fled the eruption of the notorious Mount Nyiragongo, 

The bombs keep falling on the Gaza Strip, 9 days into an eruption of violence between Hamas militants and the Israeli army—deepening a humanitarian disaster leaving few civilians in Gaza untouched,

Hospitals turning away patients. Scarce oxygen. Overflowing crematoria. Desperate pleas on social media for remdesivir.   

The scale of COVID-19’s attack on India is difficult to imagine, but a widely shared Lancet ed