The eruption of Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii’s most active volcano, last Thursday triggered strong earthquakes and sent lava spewing out of fissures opening up in the ground.

Floods ripping through Kenya this month have killed at least 100 people and displaced almost 260,000, according to the Kenyan Red Cross. The heavy rains and landslides come on the heels 2017’s severe drought across East Africa.

A new investigative documentary, Blackout in Puerto Rico, goes inside the chaotic US federal response to Hurricane Maria, marked by troubled contracts and a vast disparity in services compared to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, which hit the US mainland.

NGOs charged with delivering the vast majority of health care services in war-torn South Sudan are overwhelmed with demand for even basic services. Amid the conflict, the looming rainy season makes it even harder for services and patients to connect, writes Stefanie Glinski.

In late 2013, Médecins Sans Frontières successfully deployed a new WHO decision-making framework for assessing emergency humanitarian response. The framework—which prioritizes need in critical situations involving displaced persons—was implemented in South Sudan when…

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein delivered a blistering assessment today of the state of human rights around the globe.

Burma’s government has used guns and machetes to kill the Rohingya … but a more subtle form of ethnic cleansing is at work as well, writes Nicholas Kristof.

No African country is on course to meet the UN’s 2030 deadline for ending malnutrition, found a robust study that sheds new light onto variations within countries.

Heavy rains catalyzed a massive garbage landslide in Mozambique’s capital that killed 16 people last week, revealing the precarious foundations of life around Maputo’s Hulele rubbish dump. Anticipating tragedy, local environmentalists have long campaigned for the dump—home…

Adding to horrific rapes and killings against Rohingya Muslims, Burma’s military has weaponized food—enforcing crippling curfews, closing off access to diet staples like rice, and restricting food aid and trade.