The degradation of natural systems now threatens all aspects of health—and COVID-19 must serve as a turning point, warns the São Paulo Declaration on Planetary Health—a global call to action published Tuesday in The Lancet.  

18X more heatwaves in Afghanistan. 10X more crop failures in Mali.   Today’s children will face dire consequences of climate change that their grandparents were spared, according to a new study from Save the Children and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Thomson Reuters…

COVID-19 and the climate took center stage as the United Nations General Assembly opened up yesterday, under an honor system vaccination requirement for in-person attendees.   Nevertheless, it was Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro—who reportedly isn’t…

Amid yet another season of record-breaking wildfires in the Northern Hemisphere, a major study has measured wildfire smoke’s global toll: More than 33,000 deaths per year across 43 countries.   That includes 3,000+ respiratory-related deaths and almost 7,000 cardiovascular…

230+ medical journals have united in publishing an unprecedented joint statement warning leaders worldwide that climate change is the “greatest threat” to global public health and requires the same laser focus given to COVID-19.  

Hurricane Ida slammed Louisiana on Sunday—the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina—triggering flash flooding and striking a region already struggling against COVID-19, The Washington Post reports.  

The pandemic has led to a scramble to fund new infectious disease prevention measures aimed at averting future pandemics.

The wildfires sweeping the Western US are contributing directly to the pandemic, according to a new

While grieving family members combed through charred blankets and belongings looking for signs of their loved ones, the death toll climbed to 92 in a fire that blazed through a COVID-19 hospital ward in Nasiriya, Iraq Monday night, 

President Joe Biden’s $45 billion plan to replace the country’s aging, lead-laced water systems is a long-overdue move, writes Gabriel Filippelli, an Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis professor.