After years of debate, the FDA announced yesterday that it intends to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars. 

A Florida lead smelting company exposed hundreds of workers to lead levels hundreds of times above the federal limit—while disabling safety ventilation features, stalling on repairs, and violating regulations on air-lead levels and respirators.

Think arsenic exposure is a relic of poisonings past?   Not so.  

Bangladesh’s Second Public Health Photo Contest winners reveal stark public health challenges—from food insecurity, to the lack of housing options in megacities like Dhaka, to the scarcity of safe drinking water. They also illuminate—in vivid, vibrant detail—photography’s…

Over the past decade, the Pennsylvania countryside has become a hotbed of fracking.   Many families—mostly poor and rural—have no idea what living near fracking wells, pipelines, and compressor stations means for their health.

Surging COVID-19 cases and politics that “fly in the face of sound science and data-driven policy,” have brought public health in America to “a moment of truth,” philanthropist Michael R.

Petroleum, mercury, microplastics and other pollutants are taking a massive toll on human health, according to a new 

Most people don’t think of their stovetop as a health hazard—yet the natural gas-burning stoves and furnaces ubiquitous in US homes can produce a range of harmful pollutants including particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde.   NO2, the…

A startling statistic: “If the health sector globally were a country, it would be the fifth [largest] emitter of greenhouse gases,” says Susan Wilburn of Care Without Harm.  

Low-resource countries could be waiting until 2024 for COVID-19 vaccines, as wealthier nations grab up ~8.8 billion prospective doses,