Unsafe recycling of lead-based car batteries may be the biggest global scandal you've never heard of.  It’s profitable but especially dangerous for children working in unsafe, unregulated smelting operations across the globe.

Polluted air caused nearly 500,000 babies to die prematurely last year–mostly in low- and middle-income countries, 

Devastating wildfires have cloaked the US West Coast in filthy air that has now reached the East Coast and even Europe, 

About 100 wildfires are currently raging across the western US, killing at least 16 people—a death toll likely to rise—and razing ~4.4 million acres so far, 

After wreaking havoc in the Caribbean and killing 20+ people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Hurricane Laura hit Texas and Louisiana yesterday with 150 mph winds, 

The first known COVID-19 reinfection has been reported in Hong Kong, underscoring big questions about immunity and whether an eventual vaccine may require booster shots, 

Rashes, illnesses and, for some, elevated blood lead levels affecting brain development. Flint, Michigan’s 25,000 children suffered the most from an unnecessary water crisis that pumped contaminated water through city taps between 2014 and 2016. 

900 workers spent almost 6 years cleaning up a billion gallons of coal ash that burst from an earthen dike at a Tennessee power plant in 2008.  It’s North America’s largest industrial spill. Then the workers started getting sick. At least 50 have died and more than 400…

Saving patients is physicians’ first priority—and that often means sidelining sustainability, 

The Trump administration has ordered a major change in COVID-19 data collection, instructing hospitals to bypass the CDC and send patient information to the Department of Health and Human Services,