What if the COVID-19 pandemic had been stopped before it started?  

Storms don’t care that there’s a pandemic. Between hurricanes lashing the coastal south and eastern seaboard and wildfires blazing uncontrollably in the west, natural disaster season is coming for the US. Experts are trying to figure out how to keep people safe in the midst…

Some 40 million health workers have signed an open letter asking world leaders to ensure a “green recovery” from the COVID-19 pandemic, The Guardian reports.  

Human rights activists are raising the alarm about prison conditions amid COVID-19. The true extent of COVID-19 in prisons is far from clear—but when widespread testing is done behind bars, the results have been startling—more than 70% of inmates tested positive in one…

On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the halting of human activity has left city air cleaner than it’s been in a long time and inspired wildlife to stake its claim to city streets, AP reports.  

The White House released new guidelines yesterday intended to guide reopening decisions, while pro-Trump

Prepare for the serious long-haul, warn Harvard researchers who say some kind of social distancing against COVID-19 may be needed through 2022,Bloomberg News reports.

COVID-19 is highlighting global inequities, and nowhere is this more obvious than at national borders. 

In the absence of mass testing, sewage may offer an alternative method for estimating the prevalence of COVID-19.    

There’s 2 sides of the coin when it comes to air pollution and COVID-19.   One the one hand, long-term lung damage from intense air pollution may worsen the disease, The Guardian reports.