Diseases spread by dirty water and poor sanitation kill more women than AIDS, diabetes or breast cancer, according to WaterAid.   Analyzing data from the Seattle-based Institute of Health Metrics, WaterAid concluded:

20 years of steep declines in air pollution in Southern California have left children with significantly improved lung function and growth, according to a 2-decade study published in the New England Journal of Medicine by USC scientists.

A new feature-length documentary takes China’s government to task for air pollution, exposing the health and economic costs of this disaster in the works. Created by former TV journalist Chai Jing, “Under the Dome” is China’s version of “An Inconvenient Truth,” former Veep…

It’s not wrong to say it’s been 31 years since the worst industrial catastrophe in history, when more than 80,000 pounds of toxic gas leaked from a Union Carbide pesticide factory in Bhopal, India. But it’s not right, either.