Linking food rations in India to Aadhaar, a massive biometric identification database, has led to a wave of deaths from hunger, welfare activists charge.

Vitamin A deficiency affects almost half of under-5s in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, but distribution has reached a 6-year low, UNICEF has reported.

The sky-high anemia rates revealed by Sierra Leone’s 2013 national survey came as little surprise, but they did reveal that tackling iron deficiency was the wrong battle, writes Andrew Green. Only around 4% of anemia cases in children were caused by iron deficiency, and…

Treating women farmers of child-bearing age for hookworm in the Democratic Republic of Congo may significantly ease hardship, says a new study.

Northern Kenya is drying out fast—and scientists warn that they see the “fingerprints of global warming,” writes Somini Sengupta. She wrote this haunting piece after visiting northern Kenya, where pastoralists recalled the droughts of the past—when rain eventually brought…

Worker abuse in the Thai fishing industry may be less violent, but abuses persist, found a UN survey of Cambodian, Burmese and Thai workers. After facing a ban on EU fish exports for its unsavory practices, Thailand’s military government introduced reforms to clean up the…

No African country is on course to meet the UN’s 2030 deadline for ending malnutrition, found a robust study that sheds new light onto variations within countries.

Adding to horrific rapes and killings against Rohingya Muslims, Burma’s military has weaponized food—enforcing crippling curfews, closing off access to diet staples like rice, and restricting food aid and trade.

Vitamin A deficiency is still a considerable contributor to preventable child blindness and maternal deaths in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. One possible solution? Biofortified staple crops.  

Nestlé’s baby formula products are lacking, well, a formula, according to an investigation into the infant milk megabrand that found inconsistencies in its products, and called on Nestlé to review its range ensure its science is up to date.