Who says the apocalypse can’t be cozy?   The pandemic is producing new coronavirus crafters every day, but if your obsessive coronavirus crafting lacks a certain… prepper element, it's "Doomsday Knits" to the rescue.   

During online, oral arguments in Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants before the US Supreme Court this week, an attorney was interrupted by a dissenting opinion—from a toilet.

People worldwide are marking 1 month of lockdown with their first home haircut. For those used to regular salon visits, this is very hairy territory.     “Anxiety bangs are never a good idea,” a stylist warned the Mumbai Mirror.  

These days everyone—including Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni—is looking for a great home workout.

Tedious baking rituals are making a comeback amid COVID-19 lockdowns. And sourdough—born of a precious, living mixture of flour and water—is the star(ter) of the show.  

Out-of-work sports commentators are delivering Twitter master classes in life imitating sports and frankly, we’re inspired.  

Your pets have noticed you’ve been home a lot more. Dogs are definitely happy about that. More walkies.  Cats are too, according to Kristyn Vitale, a cat researcher at Oregon State University: “I think the importance of social interaction in the lives of cats has been…

When the humorist Dave Barry gathered his strength for a Target run this week, the toilet paper aisle felt like a scene from “The Walking Dead”—except the zombies were live humans panic-buying Charmin.   Literally no one told people to hoard toilet paper. Yet it appears…

Uninspired by the idea of singing Happy Birthday ad nauseam while you wash your hands for at least seconds? Try handwashing to the hits! William Gibson's Wash Your Lyrics tool will convert any song to hand-washing posters. Think Stayin’ Alive. Down with Disease. Don’t…

The jury is still out—does Jill Biden love her husband Joe, or really love cheese?