If you’re feeling weary of all the American politics, we take you now to the Netherlands and the public health version of cute cat videos: an animation of Dutch scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek’s adventures with microbes.  

From time to time, you must wonder why Canadians are apt to complete a thought with “eh."   Wonder no longer. The brilliant folks over at Atlas Obscura have unleashed their linguistic investigative skills on what they call “Canada’s most distinctive verbal tic.”    

It’s a dirty trick to play on some innocent langur monkeys.   Spy in The Wild, a new BBC documentary, observes how animals interact with uncannily lifelike animal robots with virtually undetectable cameras concealed  in their eyes.   In the first episode a group of langur…

So you’re Paul Ryan. You’re Speaker of the House and you’re swearing in legions of new Congressional representatives. Each one gets a photo op with you and the fam.   Then this kid to your right puts his face into his elbow for the photo. You express concern about the…

It’s 1945. The dark forces of fascism have been beaten back. Freedom is in the air. And so are germs.  

Rats love being tickled. At least the happy rats do.   Dedicated researchers at Humboldt University of Berlin tickled rats in order to determine the brain’s tickle center. They found it: the trunk of the somatosensory cortex! Nat Geo reports (video included).  

Say what you will about America’s polarized society but at least we’re united by our fear of clowns.   In fact Americans fear clowns more than climate change, The Independent reports.    

The good folks at NPR’s Goats and Soda blog are celebrating Halloween with a spooky disease costume quiz. Gazing back on Halloweens in recent years and centuries back, the quiz asks questions like: