Brazilian soccer star Neymar’s theatrical roll during Monday’s World Cup match against Mexico sparked mockery, launched memes and inspired a KFC commercial in South Africa, USA Today reported.

Anyone who's anyone in the meme world knows not all sites are created equal. Luckily for us newbs, EU-funded scientists are mining memes and drawing important distinctions between sources.

Do you suffer from embarrassing Twitter racism? Does your bedtime routine involve throwing on PJs and comparing a former Obama adviser to an ape? Can your nocturnal impulses bring down the most anticipated comedy revival in decades? 

A decade later, critics are raving that his work with was "ahead of its time."

Portrait artists of yore generously edited out double chins and potbellies to keep aristocratic clients happy. President Trump’s former doctor apparently went one further, simply handing his patient the proverbial brush.

Today is 420, cannabis culture’s annual holiday. This year, pets may be joining in the revelry. As medical marijuana spreads, state lawmakers are mulling legislation to green-light pot for pets, USA Today reported. While scientists say research backing up pet cannabis…

It might be brainless, but that hasn’t stopped Hampshire College’s first “nonhuman resident scholar,” slime mold, from taking dramatic policy stances. The organism aka Physarum polycephalum has dispatched letters urging Trump Administration officials to open…

To the lonely hearts lamenting that they can’t find love online, ask yourself this: does your species depend on it? Romeo's does.While humans frantically swipe left and right on countless potential mates, “the world’s loneliest frog” needs just one match.

Every 4 years, the winter Olympics turns athletics novices into rabid niche sports fans, complete with a cobbled-together expertise garnered from Wikipedia.

Don’t drink raw water. Don’t eat Tide Pods. Also: Don’t inject yourself with untested drugs.