More than 700 health care workers were killed and 2,000 wounded from 2018 through 2020, according to

Major US companies are stepping up vaccine requirements in hopes of continuing business as the country faces its latest coronavirus surge, 

China is moving quickly on multiple fronts—using lockdowns and mass testing—to quash new COVID-19 outbreaks in the eastern part of the country,

If you're a professor planning for your courses next term, have you considered adding GHN to your syllabus? Faculty have told us GHN is a great way to: 

Nearly 18 months into the pandemic, the tiny island nation of Tonga still enjoys an extraordinary status: zero reported COVID-19 cases. The country, population 105,000, is one of 6 Pacific Island nations that are still COVID-free, according to official numbers. As a…

New CDC data has put the lie to the notion that vaccinated people aren’t spreading the Delta variant,

Refugees—living in crowded conditions ripe for the spread of the virus—are at high risk for COVID-19 but low priority for vaccines.

The beleaguered COVAX alliance to distribute COVID-19 vaccines around the world should soon get a boost of 500 million donated doses—but it’s still half a billion doses shy of its goal, just as the Delta variant deepens the threat for many poor countries.  

Chilling new research about the transmissibility and severity of the Delta variant drove the CDC’s about-face decision on Wednesday that urged mask use indoors for everyone,

A marketing agency called Fazze tried to recruit social media stars to parrot misinformation to their millions of subscribers—instead the YouTubers blew up their spot.   As part of the offer, a German and a French YouTuber were asked to promote “leaked” intel suggesting…