China is reporting an increase in COVID-19 cases in Yunnan province that are likely imported from neighboring Burma (Myanmar), which is experiencing a Delta variant-fueled surge in cases.   As 65 new cases were reported yesterday and 31 on Sunday, Yunnan vice-governor Zong…

It’s much worse than India’s official numbers. The country has experienced from 3.4 million to 4.9 million excess deaths COVID-19—far higher than the 400,000 deaths cited by the government, according to a new Center for Global Development report.  

While the US is struggling to persuade holdouts to get vaccinated, much of the rest of the world is desperate for vaccines.  

The death toll is 103 and rising from massive flash floods that caught Germany and its western neighbors off guard, as once-in-a-century rains weaponized swollen rivers and carved a path of destruction through ill-prepared villages,

COVID-19 moving at its fastest pace yet across Africa as cases have risen for 8 straight weeks and deaths rose 43% in the week ending July 11, from 4,384 to 6,273,

New estimates of COVID-19’s toll on childhood vaccinations find that nearly 23 million children didn’t get routine vaccinations last year, 

While the pandemic pulled attention from the opioid crisis, more than 93,000 people died of drug overdoses in the US last year, according to provisional data released yesterday by the National Center for Health Statistics.   That’s a 30% increase over 2019—more than double…

With 54,517 new COVID-19 cases reported yesterday, Indonesia has vaulted past India to emerge as Asia’s latest pandemic epicenter.  

A proposed population control policy in India’s most populous state would incentivize families to have just 2 children—and offer prime perks like preferential admission to educational institutions to those having just one,

It was Michelle Fiscus’s duty, as the state’s top vaccine official, to educate Tennesseans about COVID-19 vaccine protocols,