New virus restrictions across Europe are “absolutely necessary” amid an “exponential surge of coronavirus cases,” Hans Kluge, WHO Europe’s head, declared today.

New Zealand has been seen as a global superstar in terms of COVID-19 response efforts, quickly topping the Government Response Stringency Index and at one point achieving

After months of covering the gloomiest of COVID-19 forecasts, Donald G. McNeil, Jr has “become cautiously optimistic” about the trajectory of the pandemic in the US. That’s not discounting the tragedy thus far, nor a potentially grim fall and winter. But, he argues: 

The 25-year-old man from Washoe County, Nevada had classic symptoms of COVID-19 (sore throat, cough, headache…) when he got his first positive test on April 18, according to 

The US COVID-19 death rate exceeds 18 other comparable countries, and the death rate from all causes in the US jumped sharply since the spring, 

Extreme weather events and other disasters over the past 20 years have become more common and more costly, pushing millions of people toward “an uninhabitable hell.” according to 

COVID-19 has spawned mental health crisis among Somalis living in Kenya’s Dadaab refugee complex. They are already serving “a life sentence in one of the harshest places on earth.” One clinic reports rising attempted suicides and a 50% increase in psychosocial…

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over—but it’s not too early to start thinking ahead to the next one, and that means identifying the key errors of this one.   According to the Council on Foreign Relations’ Independent Task Force, US and global leaders  “provided the…

The UN World Food Programme was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today for “its efforts to combat hunger … and prevent the use of hunger as a weapon of war and conflict,” the Norwegian Nobel

Investing in mental health. The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day—held every year on October 10—speaks to the growing acknowledgment of a massive global need. While gaps in mental health care have been exacerbated by the isolation, anxiety, and service…