Migrant workers are struggling to get during Thailand’s worst COVID-19 outbreak so far; and for many, government aid and essential-for-work tests are out of reach.   While the Thai government has assured that high-risk individuals would receive free COVID-19 testing and…

The Problem: Startling differences in the survival of Black babies depending on the race of the doctor delivering them. 

A new Lancet study—the longest term follow-up study so far—offers a snapshot of COVID-19 symptoms 6 months after symptoms onset.  

More than half of the spread of COVID-19 is caused by asymptomatic individuals, according to CDC modeling

South Asia—one of the most polluted regions on Earth—also has the highest global burden of pregnancy loss.

West Virginia kick-started its COVID-19 vaccine rollout 2 weeks before other states—and doled out about 90% of the doses it had received before the holidays.  

The mob attack on the US Capitol yesterday left the US and much of the world aghast—a stunning conclusion to a tumultuous election and a scarring year of pain and loss for so many.   But in global health, a crisis in one country cannot be an isolated event, and the…

The masses might have missed it, but on New Year’s Eve, President Trump quietly signed a “holiday miracle” into law: The Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains Act.  

For those who with obsessive-compulsive disorder and a grave fear of germs, COVID-19 is a special nightmare.   It also gave a sense of validation: For the first time, reality matched their fears.   But for many, this validation only made treatment more challenging and…

A double-blind trial of 160 patients in Argentina offered promising results for convalescent plasma as a COVID-19 treatment,