In the US, rural hospitals are disappearing—83 of 2,375 have closed since 2010. Desperate to stay afloat, some are enticed by outside buyers promising to save the day with a "legally murky" billing setup, writes Barbara Feder Ostrov.

Proposed health reforms are moving South Africa toward universal health coverage, but these plans are largely steered toward clinical services. Still, the Public Health Medicine (PHM) specialty remains popular among South African physicians, who tend to pursue the 4-year…

From quit-smoking campaigns, to safer cars, to vaccines that stamped out polio and smallpox and are now tackling HPV and the flu, public health interventions are worth the money.

GENEVA – BA and AA. A bright line clearly divided 2 sections at a World Health Assembly side event on universal health coverage Thursday at the Swiss Press Club. It demarcated “Before Azar” and “After Azar.” US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar brought a…

Linking food rations in India to Aadhaar, a massive biometric identification database, has led to a wave of deaths from hunger, welfare activists charge.

GENEVA – In today’s opening of the 71st World Health Assembly, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made the case for WHO’s relevance and argued forcefully for his strategic vision for the organization’s future. Tedros also pulled out all the stops, including a…

The outsize burden of HIV and AIDS among women in former British colonies goes back to colonial legal systems’ approaches to property, according to new research.

Malignant hyperthermia, a rare complication of general anesthesia, is often fatal without treatment.

Protests erupting in Gaza as the US Embassy relocates to Jerusalem have left dozens dead, and highlight “an abysmal state of health care for Palestinian refugees in Israel,” writes Kenneth R. Rosen.

When global health leaders convene in Geneva next week for the 71st World Health Assembly, they’ll gather under one banner: universal health coverage.