The WHO stands accused of conspiring with Italy to remove a damning pandemic preparedness report published May 13—and pulled a day later—that was intended to prevent deaths after the virus’s devastating first wave, 

As the COVID-19 scourge intensifies, it may be weakening our battle against tuberculosis—but pooling resources could boost the fight against both diseases.

The US is poised to roll out millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses within days—with health workers and nursing home residents getting first dibs.  

A CDC official says she was ordered to delete an email suggesting political interference by the White House, 

People are living longer but with more disabilities, according to the latest numbers published today in 

One of the biggest hurdles in COVID-19 vaccine distribution: getting people to take it. Consider Pakistan: 

Surging COVID-19 cases and politics that “fly in the face of sound science and data-driven policy,” have brought public health in America to “a moment of truth,” philanthropist Michael R.

The pandemic has dramatically shifted women’s reproductive plans—and dimmed hopes for some of ever having a child, 

UK health care workers face a 7X higher risk than than non-essential workers of becoming severely sick from COVID-19, according to a new

Delirium is so common in COVID-19 patients that some doctors have suggested it be added one of the disease’s diagnostic criteria.   One data set found that 55% of people tracked in COVID-19 ICUs developed the condition—in normal times, that number would hover around 33%.  …