When residents of Grays Ferry—a tight-knit Black community in Philadelphia—started counting, they tallied dozens of loved ones who’d had cancer, many of them unusually young. The common denominator was a 150-year-old refinery looming over their community. In 2016, it was…

Demand for the services of “mobile crisis units”—which send trained professionals as first responders to mental health crises— is skyrocketing in the wake of recent calls to reduce police involvement in psychological crises.  

Predominantly non-white communities had almost 3X higher COVID-19 incidence than mostly white communities, even when income levels are accounted for, according to a new JAMA re

America lost an icon of hope and possibility last week.  John Lewis, activist, organizer, fighter for equality, and a long-serving representative known as the “soul” of the US Congress, died of pancreatic cancer on July 17.

Shutting off water services when people can’t pay their bills violates the human right to water—is particularly dangerous in a pandemic, writes Amanda Klasing. In Detroit, Michigan, water shutoffs are correlated with more COVID-19 cases. Some families—particularly Black…

Failing to comply with pandemic lockdowns in Colombia could get you killed, as armed groups take matters into their own hands, a new 

It didn’t take long to debunk early claims that COVID-19 pandemic was a “great equalizer,” write Mireille Evagora-Campbell and Zahra Zeinali, researchers at 

When researchers were invited inside California’s San Quentin prison, they found an ideal breeding ground for COVID-19, Nature’s Amy Maxmen reports.  

Frontline health workers report a frustrating return to shortages of protective gear.

In a win for abortion rights advocates, the US Supreme Court blocked a Louisiana law barring facilities from performing abortions unless they had admitting privileges at a nearby hospital—which many abortion clinics do not.   Critics say the law would have ultimately…