England has nixed school mask mandates, embracing a more laissez-faire approach even as cases and COVID-related absences soar among school-age children, The New York Times reports. Government officials say the numbers support the decision:

Even as the US is seeing signs of the latest wave cresting, COVID-19 has a way of brutally reminding Americans it remains a dangerous threat to life.

After a northeastern Illinois man woke up last month with a bat attached to his neck, health authorities determined the bat had rabies.   

Trevor Bedford, a computational virologist who was first to report community transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in the US, has had a good month.   He got a 7-year, $9 million grant from Howard Hughes Medical Institute. And then on Tuesday, the world learned he won a $625,000…

People seeking ineffective COVID-19 treatments have paid $15 million+ to a network of health care providers with a political agenda, according to hacked data obtained by The Intercept.   America’s Frontline Doctors, created in 2020 to advance pro-Trump physicians, has…

The US CDC put out an urgent call yesterday for those who are pregnant to get vaccinated against COVID-19, after the agency reported rising numbers of infections during pregnancy.

Vaccines, vaccines, vaccines… What about COVID-19 treatments?   More are in the works:  

83 aid workers charged with fighting Ebola used their positions to sexually abuse and exploit women and girls during the 2018–2020 outbreak in the DRC, according to an independent commission report released yesterday.   

While US FDA and CDC advisory panels recommended a Pfizer booster jab for certain groups last week, some panelists said a J&J booster should be the focus, NPR reports.  

A CDC advisory panel greenlit Pfizer booster shots for millions of Americans on Thursday—and the CDC director took the rare step of overruling the panel on a key recommendation.    The panel endorsed a third jab for people 65+; older, nursing home residents; people in the…