Behind so many COVID-19 deaths: The children who’ve lost parents to the disease—nearly 40,000 of them in the US alone, according to a new 

A speedy vaccine rollout is Bangladesh’s shining victory during the pandemic, but there aren’t enough takers for the shots, says Taufique Joarder, MBBS, DrPH, MPH, executive director of the Public Health Foundation, Bangladesh. Even as the country negotiated quick access to…

India topped more than 100,000 COVID-19 cases per day yesterday and potentially faces an “out of control” virus, 

Hospital doctors treating the first COVID-19 cases had no way to know how the disease would progress in any given patient. 

The UK is set to offer the entire population twice-a-week testing beginning on Friday, though the plan is drawing fire from critics.   Different takes:

The AstraZeneca/Oxford University vaccine’s troubled ride through recent weeks has run into new doubts as 

As COVID-19 vaccinations speed up, herd immunity is the talk of the town.  However, some key factors are making it difficult to pinpoint the percentage of immunized people needed to reach herd immunity. They include the emergence of virus variants and whether vaccines can…

Massive Blunder or “Blip”? 15 million doses of would-be Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines had to be discarded after a Baltimore plant run by Emergent BioSolutions—a company central to Johnson & Johnson’s US production plan—mixed ingredients with…

In countries where the B.1.1.7 variant is dominating, the picture is getting much worse, 

Rochelle Walensky took off her CDC director hat yesterday and addressed Americans as a concerned fellow citizen, urging them to not let their guards down,