Our first newsletter of 2020 led with the California wildfires. Our second summary was about a mysterious pneumonia in Wuhan. Within weeks, the virus would define not only the year but a generation. Throughout 2020, courageous and brilliant reporters relentlessly…

What a relief to see the resumes of President-elect Joe Biden’s COVID-19 advisory board, a cross section of well-respected experts in infectious diseases, epidemiology, vaccines and more with experience in patient care, ethics, logistics, policy and even national security…

Researchers want to make a global disease forecasting system that would be as easy as checking the weather.  

If we wanted to, we could list a COVID-19 moment for every month of 2020.

2 disillusioned Trump appointees—former CDC chief of staff Kyle McGowan and his deputy, Amanda Campbell—left the CDC in August and are sharing what they saw:

Up to a third of the world’s people have no safety net to buffer COVID-19’s economic blows, a

Could a novel strain of SARS-CoV-2 identified this month be linked to an accelerating spread in the country’s southeast? 

No one knows where the next pandemic will emerge. But countries where human-animal interaction has been forced by deforestation, resource extraction, and agricultural expansion, are a good bet.  

COVID-19 has revealed the extraordinary possibilities that can manifest when global scientific know-how is trained on a single topic.   The virus was fully sequenced in January and a Phase 3 vaccine clinical trial is finishing in the fall.

Contact tracing—with its deceptively simple mantra of “test-trace-isolate”—varies wildly from country to country in strategy and success.