A pandemic lockdown, school closures, and a shocking 90% unemployment rate have made it easy for youths in Harare to see crystal meth as an escape, 

COVID-19 is hitting Papua New Guinea “like a tornado,” forcing hospitals to close because so  many doctors and nurses are ill,

The WHO is urging countries not to suspend their AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine rollouts after a small number of reports of abnormal blood clotting in recipients triggered a domino effect of jab rollout pauses, 

The coronavirus variant that has come to dominate South Africa’s outbreak—501Y.V2—is notable both for the large number of changes it shows compared to the original virus and for their significance.  

When cancer survivor Blanca Quintero got COVID-19, her doctors in California weren’t answering her calls, 

A year ago, almost no one wore masks or stayed 6 feet apart from others. Some of these behaviors have become social norms at light speed—something those of us who have made social and behavior change communication our life’s work rarely see. Getting a vaccine needs to…

A relatively small number of people pump out much of the online misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, according to a 

Some of the largest American pickup trucks are the size of “three Honda Civics.” And in May 2020, more pickups than regular cars were sold in the US for the first time.

Until a month ago, the CDC considered surgical masks sufficient protection for frontline health workers caring for patients outside of COVID-19 ICUs. By the time it updated guidelines, most of the 3,500 U.S. health care worker deaths from COVID-19 had already occurred. 

Shocking. Remarkable. A “lump-in-your-throat moment.”