​​The Ethiopian government is attempting to expel top UN officials for “meddling” in its affairs, 11 months into a grinding conflict with the northern Tigray region that has left thousands dead and forced 2 million people from their homes, Reuters reported.  

This summer, 22 graduate science writing students at Johns Hopkins immersed themselves in reporting on health disparities. They read deeply and met with STAT reporter Nicholas St.

Caesarean section rates are climbing worldwide and will continue to do so, according to new research

Glancing nervously towards the clock, Brenda Epoo, an experienced midwife and perinatal service coordinator, reaches for a folded set of fresh bed sheets. With only 5 minutes before the next patient arrives, Epoo must handwash all of her instruments and change the linens on…

The sidelining of pregnant women’s needs and the skills of midwives is leading to a scourge of preventable deaths, warns the 

A complete rethink of the global approach to miscarriage is long overdue, according to a new

Most midwives in Tijuana, Mexico weren’t used to delivering high-risk pregnancies—but that changed when hospitals began rejecting pregnant mothers, citing COVID-19 restrictions. One midwife, as a result, saw her first newborn death after 35 years of practice.

After noticing mothers suffering in silence, Haitian women are opening up the conversation around autism in their communities.  

The pandemic has led to worse outcomes for yet another vulnerable group: moms and their babies, according to a new