Breastfeeding is associated with improved IQ and could impact success later in life, according to a 3-decade study in Brazil.

One statistic raised a hopeful glimmer at last week’s NYC meeting commemorating the 20th anniversary of the landmark 1995 World Conference on Women, according to an NPR Goats and Soda report: Since 1995 the rate of women worldwide who die in childbirth has dropped by more…

Recent studies by eminent researchers in maternal and public health (Souza in The Lancet and Pasha in BMC Medicine) have yielded disappointing, even surprising, results.

Saving Women and Children Far fewer mothers and young children are dying in the world's poorest countries, according to a new UN report, which estimates that the deaths of 2.4 million women and children have been averted since 2010.

As we reflect on lessons learned from the MDGs and set strategies for improving global maternal health, it’s time to identify what has worked and what more is needed to not only avert preventable maternal deaths, but also provide quality health care for every woman.