Growing access to postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) in Vietnam has seen rabies cases decline 82% from 1994-2016—but some pregnant and breastfeeding women still avoid it, with deadly consequences.

Obstetric emergencies like miscarriages have landed over 23 women in prison for “abortion-related” crimes in El Salvador—1 of just 4 countries that ban abortion regardless of the circumstances.Dubbed a “poor woman’s crime,” wealthier women skirt the ban with abortion pills…

US women may lose access to certain birth control methods as the Trump administration plans to prioritize funding for abstinence-based programs and natural family planning.

A year in, the SheDecides movement to empower women in their reproductive lives is taking stock.

Pad Man sounds like a superhero movie, and in many ways, it is—the new Bollywood film tells the tale of a rural Indian welder who spent 2 decades building a machine to create inexpensive sanitary pads after observing his wife improvising with rags, like scores of women in…

For women in Pakistan, son preference increasingly influences parity progression and contraception choices, though research on the topic is slim.

Mothers living near fracking sites are more likely to give birth to unhealthy babies.

Dozens of Rohingya Muslim women and girls detailed horrific “sweeping and methodical” rape at the hands of Burma’s security forces.Aung San Suu Kyi’s government denies accounts of rape; an internal military investigation last month concluded such assaults never took place.

Cesarean section is a crucial, life-saving alternative to natural childbirth—but too often it is becoming the default choice, write Laxmi Tamang and colleagues. In Nepal it is “alarmingly escalating.”

The glaring maternal health gap between black and white women is systemic, spanning economic and education.In New York City, college-educated black women were more likely to face pregnancy-related complications than white women who hadn’t finished high school.