Tens of thousands of women with the most common form of breast cancer can safely skip chemotherapy post-surgery, according to much-anticipated research published Sunday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Governments around the world will not reach the Sustainable Development Goal of sharply reducing premature deaths unless “urgent action” is taken, according to a WHO report published today in The Lancet.

From quit-smoking campaigns, to safer cars, to vaccines that stamped out polio and smallpox and are now tackling HPV and the flu, public health interventions are worth the money.

GENEVA – Kwanele Asante speaks her mind. And what’s on her mind at this year’s World Health Assembly is real action on noncommunicable diseases.

Disorganized data is holding back research into genetic data that can help predict which drugs will work on tumors.

GENEVA – Noncommunicable diseases are having a bit of a moment. They are sprinkled throughout this year’s World Health Assembly agenda and highlighted in numerous side events. And, of course, NCDs will be spotlighted this fall at a UN high-level meeting that aims to…

GENEVA – One reason that interventions for noncommunicable diseases don’t garner sufficient global attention and funding is that counting deaths alone isn’t persuasive. 40 million NCD deaths each year is a massive tragedy, but repeatedly citing mortality data doesn’t seem…

The HPV vaccine effectively prevents precancerous cervical lesions and doesn’t increase the risk of serious side effects, found an international evidence roundup by Cochrane Review scientists.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in damages have been awarded to women diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using a diaper bag staple, Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder. Their lawyers convinced juries that tiny talc particles could make their way through a woman’s…

From drivers straining to see the road to children who can’t see their textbooks, those in dire need for eyeglasses have taken a backseat to more complex global health priorities, like infectious diseases.