A new study from Uganda adds to long-brewing fears that drug-resistance malaria is gaining a foothold in Africa, the AP reports.  

COVID-19 and the climate took center stage as the United Nations General Assembly opened up yesterday, under an honor system vaccination requirement for in-person attendees.   Nevertheless, it was Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro—who reportedly isn’t…

Emerging data show the Moderna vaccine may retain higher effectiveness over Pfizer’s as months go by, but experts caution that it’s still early days and the comparisons may be flawed, Axios reports.

Booster COVID-19 vaccine doses are not currently needed for the general population, wrote 18 international vaccine experts in a Lancet commentary published yesterday.

A slice of good news: Some people appear to have “superhuman immunity” to SARS-CoV-2 and possibly future variants, according to a spate of new studies.   Who are these super-immune individuals? All were previously infected with the coronavirus and also immunized with an…

Tobacco giant Philip Morris International is in the mood to diversify.   Not into new e-cigarette brands but into the acquisition of drug delivery companies—including some that treat smoking-related illnesses.   The Quote: “It’s like someone breaking your…

While COVID-19 long-haulers have been the squeaky wheel that brought attention to the condition, many now feel failed by sub-par research and dismissed by researchers who’ve angled their approach toward their own specialties, writes Ed Yong in the Atlantic.  

A federal bankruptcy judge has conditionally greenlit a $10 billion settlement that dissolves Purdue Pharma and shield the disgraced Sackler family from further lawsuits related to the opioid crisis, PBS NewsHour reports.  

Feed store clerks began realizing that customers clamoring to buy horse dewormer had an off-label use in mind: as a COVID-19 home remedy. 

A US CDC panel tapped the brakes yesterday on a mass COVID-19 vaccine booster rollout, saying the evidence of waning vaccine effectiveness isn’t sufficiently robust,