In a historic decision, Mexico’s supreme court justices overturned an abortion law yesterday that penalized women for getting an illegal abortion.

A US CDC panel tapped the brakes yesterday on a mass COVID-19 vaccine booster rollout, saying the evidence of waning vaccine effectiveness isn’t sufficiently robust,

When the EPA determines that a chemical is toxic to humans, regulatory limits are not far behind. That, say former agency officials, is one reason a 2017 EPA assessment of formaldehyde was never released.   Current formaldehyde regulations are based on a 1991 assessment…

Journalist Nasrin Nawa fled Kabul on Friday, but her sister wasn’t able to make it out.  

The Biden administration extended a public health order allowing border officials to quickly expel asylum-seeking refugees yesterday, drawing protest from human rights organizations,

Nearly 18 months into the pandemic, the tiny island nation of Tonga still enjoys an extraordinary status: zero reported COVID-19 cases. The country, population 105,000, is one of 6 Pacific Island nations that are still COVID-free, according to official numbers. As a…

Republican lawmakers in the US are launching a flurry of legislative actions to curb the power of state governors who drew on general emergency powers to protect public health during the pandemic.  Their goal is to limit executive actions in emergencies and enshrine…

After a year’s delay, the Olympics are back–-but far from back to normal.  

In announcing the settlement yesterday with the 3 biggest opioid distributors and drugmaker Johnson & Johnson, a group of state attorneys general acknowledge the compensation is insufficient for those who lost loved ones to opioids,

How did a controversial Alzheimer’s drug pass muster with the FDA without being proven effective?   Meeting minutes reveal that a council of 15 officials concluded that another clinical trial would be needed before greenlighting Biogen’s Aduhelm, or aducanumab.