JaMarcus Crews knew that diabetes could kill him so he did everything possible to get on a transplant list—shedding pounds, following his case worker’s instructions—only to be misdirected and repeatedly rebuffed. He also knew his diabetes put him at higher risk for COVID-…

If we wanted to, we could list a COVID-19 moment for every month of 2020.

Up to a third of the world’s people have no safety net to buffer COVID-19’s economic blows, a

Surging COVID-19 cases and politics that “fly in the face of sound science and data-driven policy,” have brought public health in America to “a moment of truth,” philanthropist Michael R.

On April 5, former BuzzFeed journalist Patrice Peck sent out the first installment of her brand new newsletter, 

It’s been a big month for Loyce Pace.   Last week, she was appointed to President-elect Joe Biden’s COVID-19 advisory board—but as she pointed out on Twitter, “I still very much have a day job”—as president and executive director of Global Health Council. 

When Philadelphia police shot and killed Walter Wallace, Jr.—a 27-year-old Black man—it was the latest in a string of police killings that has forced a national reckoning with racism in law enforcement, 

Racial bias is built into analytics software designed to target services to the neediest patients, according to a 

A COVID-19 survey of more than 50,000 people in 50 US states surfaced at least 3 important takeaways: Good News: Testing results are getting back sooner. Bad News: They’re still not fast enough to help with contact tracing and…

Almost half of Black American adults say they’ll pass on a COVID-19 vaccine even if it were free and deemed safe, according to a new poll from