Since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, the first concern for Lisa Cooper, director of the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity, was the heightened risk for communities of color—a concern that proved to be true.  

In the frantic race for a COVID-19 vaccine, a longstanding issue in clinical trials persists: the lack of diversity.  

In the US—where Black women die during childbirth at 3–4X the rate of white women—it’s perhaps no surprise that discrimination against people of color giving birth has been exacerbated by the pandemic.  

When residents of Grays Ferry—a tight-knit Black community in Philadelphia—started counting, they tallied dozens of loved ones who’d had cancer, many of them unusually young. The common denominator was a 150-year-old refinery looming over their community. In 2016, it was…

Shutting off water services when people can’t pay their bills violates the human right to water—is particularly dangerous in a pandemic, writes Amanda Klasing. In Detroit, Michigan, water shutoffs are correlated with more COVID-19 cases. Some families—particularly Black…

It didn’t take long to debunk early claims that COVID-19 pandemic was a “great equalizer,” write Mireille Evagora-Campbell and Zahra Zeinali, researchers at 

Patchwork recordkeeping has hampered the US response to COVID-19’s disproportionate toll on communities of color.  

In the fight against racism’s damaging effects on health, there is a proven solution: Community Health Workers. “...the thing we need to solve is injustice,” says Shreya Kangovi, executive director of the Penn Center for Community Health Workers. “We can’t always just have…

New CDC data reveals an even clearer picture of COVID-19’s disproportionate toll on Black and Latino people in the US. And that is regardless of where they are and how old they are.  

Back in the 1980s, Howard University psychology professor Jules Harrell took racism to the lab to see how witnessing acts of racism affects blood pressure and cardiovascular events. He found that Black people may even carry the stress of racism in their sleep, NBC reports.