Separating children from their parents, as we’re seeing at the US/Mexico border, leads to serious, long-term consequences, Paul Spiegel of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health explained in a C-SPAN interview yesterday. The Trump administration’s “zero…

Displacement is now happening at a rate equivalent to 44,500 people per day, according to UNHCR's latest Global Trends report, released each year ahead of World Refugee Day on June 20th.

This weekend, Italy’s new government turned away a ship carrying over 600 rescued migrants making the deadly Mediterranean crossing, including unaccompanied minors and pregnant women. An estimated 785 migrants have died on the route this year. The Aquarius, run by Doctors…

UN agencies and Burma’s government hammered out text for an MoU paving the way for the repatriation of Rohingya refugees, UNCHR reported yesterday. 

Protests erupting in Gaza as the US Embassy relocates to Jerusalem have left dozens dead, and highlight “an abysmal state of health care for Palestinian refugees in Israel,” writes Kenneth R. Rosen.

Conflicts and disasters uprooted 30.6 million globally in 2017, with few long-term solutions in sight.

An unprecedented flow of refugees is testing immunization services across Europe, revealing gaps that put the success of the European Vaccine Action Plan at risk, write Sally Hargreaves and colleagues. 

Richard Toll, Senegal was once a “malaria microcosm” due to seasonal migrant workers flocking to the Senegalese Sugar Company, writes Amy Yee. But a public-private partnership has made remarkable strides fighting off the disease.

NGOs charged with delivering the vast majority of health care services in war-torn South Sudan are overwhelmed with demand for even basic services. Amid the conflict, the looming rainy season makes it even harder for services and patients to connect, writes Stefanie Glinski.

Pediatrician and activist Marsha Griffin describes herself as a “megaphone” for children and families who cross America’s southern border. She has doubled down since the election of Donald Trump.