For those who with obsessive-compulsive disorder and a grave fear of germs, COVID-19 is a special nightmare.   It also gave a sense of validation: For the first time, reality matched their fears.   But for many, this validation only made treatment more challenging and…

The rapid spread of the UK variant, B.1.1.7,  has scientists worried about a terrible new wave of COVID-19 cases,

A key ingredient to Argentina’s landmark Senate vote last week to legalize abortion? Years of losing.   The country’s abortion rights movement has changed dramatically since a failed bid to legalize the procedure 2 years ago. But the bitter loss seemed to galvanize a…

Researchers are amassing more clues about COVID-19 symptoms:

Video of Egyptian hospital patients struggling to breathe as oxygen supplies ran out and exhausted health workers collapsing to the floor has stirred outrage at the government’s COVID-19 response,

A new South Africa variant of SARS-CoV-2 is prompting concerns about increased transmission and how effective current vaccines will be against it,

In Somalia, there are fears COVID-19 is simply blending in as “yet another poorly diagnosed but deadly fever” as extremist groups make it hard to extend diagnostics and, eventually, vaccines to parts of the country,

The UK administered the world’s first Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine shots today—a cheaper, easier-to-use alternative to the Pfizer vaccine that Britain rolled out last month,

As its COVID-19 case count has surpassed 800,000 total, Los Angeles County is the latest US hotspot,

  Syrians Suffer as the World Looks Away