The fight against global tobacco use has continued to progress despite the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the

Smoking prevalence has fallen in the last 4 decades—but the number of smokers worldwide has increased to 1.1 billion, propelled by population growth, according to a new 

For more than a century, Big Tobacco used alluring themes of “beauty, fashion, freedom and sophistication” to market cigarettes to women and girls—at a terrible cost in lives, according to a

When parents in America’s wealthiest city—the Silicon Valley community of Atherton—learned the vaping epidemic had hit their kids’ sports teams, they went to war with fellow Atheron parent Kevin Burns, CEO of Juul Labs.  

After years of debate, the FDA announced yesterday that it intends to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars. 

Anti-smoking campaigners face a tough sell in Zimbabwe, where tobacco farmers have enjoyed a bumper year crop this year.   And the government has the farmers’ backs. Tobacco, now one of Zimbabwe’s biggest moneymakers, has caught the eye of the country’s agricultural…

Menthol cigarettes escaped a US FDA ban on flavored cigarettes in 2009, but that may change after a lawsuit from public health groups highlighting the products’ disproportionate use among Black smokers.  

In Europe, tobacco use among women is declining much slower compared to men

Yes, cigarette smoking remains the top cause of lung cancer—but for the 12% of US lung cancer patients who’ve never smoked, the diagnosis comes as a particular shock, reports STAT’s Sharon Begley.   And she would know. On January 16, Begley, herself a never-smoker, died of…

The global alcohol industry enjoys billions of dollars in tax breaks, marketing subsidies, and other “perverse incentives” that belie the intense harms alcohol causes—including its link to 1 death every 10 seconds worldwide, according to a new Vital Strategies report.    …