US overdose deaths involving fentanyl “increased sharply” in 2019 and 2020, particularly in the Midwest, West, and South, according to the CDC.    Other findings in the report: 

A steady uptick in available, affordable guns on the black market across the EU has researchers warning of an increase in gun violence in the region, according to a new study.  Project Target, the first comprehensive study on gun violence in Europe, ties the rise of gun…

A US jury held Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart liable for “recklessly” selling huge quantities of opioids in Ohio, the first verdict of its type holding pharmacies accountable in the opioid crisis that has killed hundreds of thousands of people,

In an encouraging sign, the number of tobacco users fell last year to 1.3 billion, down from 1.32 billion in 2015, according to 

Researchers are conducting the first-ever human trials of a vaccine against opioid overdose.   The trial involves giving participants in active phases of addiction non-lethal doses of opioids, including heroin, after receiving the experimental vaccine.   How does it…

For Billy Lemon, being paid $330 to stay off meth for 12 weeks was certainly financially helpful—but also invaluable was the sense of achievement.   Plus: It worked.

A federal bankruptcy judge has conditionally greenlit a $10 billion settlement that dissolves Purdue Pharma and shield the disgraced Sackler family from further lawsuits related to the opioid crisis, PBS NewsHour reports.  

COVID-19 has affected the delivery of routine health care and eroded social safety nets around the world—and that has been especially true for vulnerable communities in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Balkans.

As India attempts to roll back the national lockdown, one of the first moves of the state governments has been to open up the liquor stores.

Replacing bar meetups with virtual happy hours might offer a much-needed salve during the novel coronavirus pandemic, but downing too much alcohol could also reduce your immune system’s ability to fight off infectious diseases, according to numerous studies.