In New Hampshire, a hotbed of America’s opioid crisis, the New York Times shadowed Patrick Griffin and his family's struggle with addiction—marked by countless overdoses, clean periods, jail stints, treatment programs, and constant anxiety. Overdose is the leading killer…

A line-up of multidisciplinary scientists have 4 years and a $10 million Department of Defense grant to find an oceanic opioid alternative.

The glut of opioids fueling America’s epidemic is scuppering access to the drugs in poor countries suffering from severe pain more than opioid abuse.

Like America, Russia is battling a severe opioid crisis—but it has adopted a starkly different, “tough-love” approach in response.

Mexico’s bungled war on organized crime has killed 150,000—and a legion of community police fighting corrupt officials and cartels alike have found themselves in the crosshairs.

Former President Bill Clinton and researcher G. Caleb Alexander discuss why opioid-related deaths are still increasing and the best solutions.

When it comes to understanding America’s opioid epidemic, overdose numbers don’t tell the full story.  

Drug overdose deaths account for a 3-and-1/2-month drop in American life expectancy, according to a new CDC analysis of life-expectancy trends between 2000 and 2015.

A pilot project to support patients undergoing opioid-substitution therapy, modeled after Vancouver’s successful HIV/AIDS strategy, will begin Friday in British Columbia. Teams of professionals will regularly check in with about 3,000 patients in therapy to ensure they don…

“Medicaid expansion may be fueling the opioid epidemic,” US Sen. Ron Johnson wrote recently, voicing a theory that conservative opponents of the Affordable Care Act have been circulating for months. Not so, argue Aaron E. Carroll, a pediatrics professor at Indiana…