The latest mutation of concern: A sample in Oregon was found to contain both the B.1.1.7 coronavirus mutation first discovered in the UK and the E484K mutation known as “Eek,” which has been found in variants in South Africa, Brazil, and New York City.  

Baltimore is piloting new software aimed at identifying gun trafficking patterns and illegal firearms sales.   Developed by the advocacy group Everytown For Gun Safety, the Gun Trafficking Intelligence Platform works as a “flashlight” for gun crime patterns. It combines…

Good news on reinfection front: US NIH researchers found that people with SARS-CoV-2 antibodies showed “substantial” immunity to the virus at least for a few months, 

Early in the pandemic, the dominant COVID-19 forecasting systems produced pretty patchy results.   Then, with no formal training in medicine or epidemiology, data scientist Youyang Gu built his his own model. He took on heavyweights like the Institute for Health Metrics and…

We’re not sure—but there are promising clues with new results expected in the coming weeks,

Good News: A new collaboration is seeking to upend the current gene therapies approach for sickle cell disease.

Health workers forced to reuse N95 respirators designed to be disposable have been a hallmark of pandemic supply shortages.   A year on, US hospitals are still rationing N95s despite significantly ramped up production.

As vaccination programs race to get ahead of more contagious new coronavirus variants, will rapid tests be a linchpin of success?  

The biggest COVID-19 treatment trial yet has found that an anti-inflammatory drug tocilizumab reduced the risk of death for people hospitalized with the disease, shortened hospital stays, and cut the need for mechanical ventilation,

The Carter Foundation has announced substantial progress toward the goal of eradicating Guinea worm by 2030.   In 2020—despite the pandemic—human Guinea worm cases fell to just 27 worldwide. That’s a 50% drop from the previous year.