The WHO and Germany unveiled a new pandemic intelligence hub in Berlin yesterday aimed at improving the comparison of data between countries between countries, The Guardian reports.   Chikwe Ihekweazu, the current director-general of the Nigeria CDC, will lead the hub,…

While COVID-19 long-haulers have been the squeaky wheel that brought attention to the condition, many now feel failed by sub-par research and dismissed by researchers who’ve angled their approach toward their own specialties, writes Ed Yong in the Atlantic.  

There are several medications used to treat opioid use disorder—but about half of those who take them relapse within about 6 months.  

Administrative policies are preventing nearly 4 million undocumented migrants across 10 European countries from getting COVID-19 vaccines, 

A US CDC panel tapped the brakes yesterday on a mass COVID-19 vaccine booster rollout, saying the evidence of waning vaccine effectiveness isn’t sufficiently robust,

The decades-long search for an HIV vaccine hit another roadblock this morning as Johnson & Johnson announced its vaccine failed to prevent infection in 2,600 women in southern Africa who were at high risk of infection, 

In a Marin County, California elementary school—where masks and social distancing were in place—an unvaccinated teacher unmasked for story time. Within days of discovering she had been infected with the Delta variant, half her class had it, too.   The case study was…

2 Japanese prefectures suspended use of Moderna shots yesterday after the discovery of more contaminated doses and the report of the deaths of 2 men after receiving their second Moderna jabs, The Japan Times reports.

The demand for COVID-19 treatments like monoclonal antibodies is rising in parts of the US with mounting cases—especially in states with low vaccination rates,

After 200 million+ doses of Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine have been injected into American arms, the FDA gave its