It’s a tough world out there for science on TV. From 2000-2012, less than 1% of network nightly news air time went to biotechnology and basic medical research.

From quit-smoking campaigns, to safer cars, to vaccines that stamped out polio and smallpox and are now tackling HPV and the flu, public health interventions are worth the money.

Testing a vaccine rollout during an emergency presents special challenges, but that is the task underway for the WHO, MSF, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s ministry of health, detailed in an intriguing perspective by Charlotte J. Haug.

The WHO decided Friday that the latest Ebola outbreak is not an international emergency, even as the organization ramped up its response and worries grew as the first confirmed case appeared in a major city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The emergency committee…

The first urban case of Ebola has been confirmed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—marking a concerning “new phase of the Ebola outbreak,” said Congolese health minister Oly Ilunga Kalenga.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is set to deploy an experimental vaccine against its ongoing Ebola outbreak as early as this week, the WHO announced Sunday. The outbreak's proximity to major waterways means it could spread quickly if not contained. Approved under…

The HPV vaccine effectively prevents precancerous cervical lesions and doesn’t increase the risk of serious side effects, found an international evidence roundup by Cochrane Review scientists.

Most arbovirus infections, from Zika virus, to West Nile virus, to dengue fever, have no specific treatment or vaccine—with a couple of notable exceptions, such as yellow fever.

Gravely ill and determined to release the herpes vaccine he developed, microbiologist Bill Halford didn’t want to wait around for grants and regulations. So he went rogue, shirking FDA regulations and gathering subjects at a hotel, and in Saint Kitts, to try his method.…

An unprecedented flow of refugees is testing immunization services across Europe, revealing gaps that put the success of the European Vaccine Action Plan at risk, write Sally Hargreaves and colleagues.