A new Ebola outbreak has been declared in Guinea, marking the first cases reported there since West Africa’s devastating outbreak ended in 2016, WHO reports.   7 people fell ill after attending the burial of a nurse on February 1, and at least 3 people have died, The New…

As vaccination programs race to get ahead of more contagious new coronavirus variants, will rapid tests be a linchpin of success?  

The biggest COVID-19 treatment trial yet has found that an anti-inflammatory drug tocilizumab reduced the risk of death for people hospitalized with the disease, shortened hospital stays, and cut the need for mechanical ventilation,

40% of the 470,000 lives lost so far to COVID in the US could have been averted—had the country’s death rate been on par with other high-income G7 nations.  

Despite being a “sequencing superpower,” the US is struggling to ramp up sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 variants—leaving it blind to rapidly emerging threats,

Peru’s problem in the global scramble for vaccines: It’s too rich for free COVAX doses but too poor to deploy the kind of programs its wealthier neighbors are rolling out.     

Doctors in Burma (Myanmar) pledged to shut down government-run hospitals across the country to protest Monday’s new military coup,

The Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine grabbed headlines this week after a preprint

About 70-85% of a population must become immune to COVID-19 to reach herd immunity, and the math, at least in the US, isn’t looking good.

The exclusion of pregnant and lactating women from COVID-19 vaccine trials poses difficult questions for families considering getting pregnant.  It’s still not known whether the shots are safe for expectant mothers, writes Anna Louie Sussman in The New Yorker.