The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded this morning to the Philippines’ Maria Ressa and Russia’s Dmitry Muratov for the courageous stands they’ve taken for freedom of expression.   Ressa, chief executive of the Rappler news website that she co-founded, published the truth about…

Despite increased media coverage in recent years, fatal police violence remains underreported in the US government’s vital registration data, according to a new Lancet study that offers revised estimates and a method to remedy skewed numbers.

Killings in the US were up a historic 30% last year, a scourge driven by guns, according to the FBI’s annual crime statistics released Monday.  

83 aid workers charged with fighting Ebola used their positions to sexually abuse and exploit women and girls during the 2018–2020 outbreak in the DRC, according to an independent commission report released yesterday.   

The conflict in Tigray has spawned “alleged gross violations of human rights” by all sides, UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said yesterday.  

The Taliban’s victory in Kabul could mean a devastating reversal of progress against maternal and child mortality in Afghanistan.  

Journalist Nasrin Nawa fled Kabul on Friday, but her sister wasn’t able to make it out.  

More than 700 health care workers were killed and 2,000 wounded from 2018 through 2020, according to

The US/NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan has coincided with an increase in violence that is crippling the country’s health system—just as the Delta variant is driving a third wave of infections. Many health facilities caught in the crossfire have been forced to shutter;…

For decades, discussing gender-based violence in Sudan was out of the question—and data on the topic sorely lacking,