Ugandan authorities are using the cover of COVID-19 pandemic emergency powers to crack down on LGBTQ+ people, targeting them for arrest and extortion, a 

From an increase in rapes in Nigeria and South Africa, to more women murdered in Brazil and Mexico, and an uptick in reports of missing women in Peru, violence against women has increased dramatically during the pandemic, 

The brutal rape and torture of a 19-year-old Maha Dalit woman in September

Violence against women is pervasive in Latin America at the best of times, but the pandemic has exacerbated those dangers. In Peru, 1,400+ women have disappeared since March, when the country entered a COVID-19 state of emergency.     “How can women still disappear if we're…

For many parents facing allegations of child abuse, their fates lie in the hands of a type of medical specialist they never knew existed: the child-abuse pediatrician.   Hundreds of these specialists operate across the US, stepping in when suspected abuse involves a medical…

For children fighting cancer at St.

Critics say the White House’s much-anticipated new strategy to address the rise in suicides doesn’t go far enough—but it does take on a hot-button issue, particularly around veterans: access to firearms.  

A catastrophic explosion that rocked Beirut yesterday killed more than 100, injured thousands more, filled the streets with ambulances, and was felt as far away as Cyprus, the 

Failing to comply with pandemic lockdowns in Colombia could get you killed, as armed groups take matters into their own hands, a new 

A Mexican health worker beaten at a bus stop. A Yemeni doctor threatened for not having a ventilator available. In Afghanistan, quarantined patients attack hospital staff in an effort to escape.   Amid COVID-19, death threats and violence are part of health workers’ daily…