The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Butembo Ebola Treatment Center—closed after a violent attack last Wednesday—reopened Saturday, under the management of the country’s health ministry, the WHO, and UNICEF, according to the ministry’s latest situation report.  

Rape is a national emergency in Sierra Leone, President Julius Maada Bio declared last week; he outlined ambitious plans to stem the crisis.   Bio declared sex with a minor punishable by life imprisonment, ordered free health care for rape victims, created a special police…

Today marks 1 year since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead and saw student survivors launch a national campaign to stop gun violence.

Deployed as fighters, slaves, and informants, the number of children recruited for armed conflict has doubled since 2012, according to a new analysis marking the International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers.

There’s insufficient research to measure the effectiveness of mass media messaging campaigns. A study overseen by Innovations for Poverty Action points to evidence that PSAs have potential to influence human behavior.  

19 suspects have been arrested in Uganda for allegedly aiding and abetting female genital mutilation, after local media reported that 400 women were attacked by armed gangs in the past month. Some of the victims are as young as 12, the Guardian reported. 

A single hospital ward with 8 beds, served by one psychologist isn’t enough for any country’s mental health program—but especially not for war-torn South Sudan, home to more than 10 million.   One survey found signs of PTSD in over 40% of people surveyed in 6 states.…

For Indian airline executive ElsaMarie D’Silva, the gang rape that killed a Delhi college student in 2012 was a turning point.

Drone strikes are synonymous with targeted modern warfare but scant data exists to illustrate civilian impact. A new study of injuries among Gaza rehab center patients surfaces the need for more scrutiny. Attacks by drones cause more civilian injuries than other explosive…

Firearm deaths—the No. 2 cause of child and adolescent mortality—get appallingly short shrift in terms of prevention in America, where gun deaths of children are 36 times higher than other high-income countries.