A nation’s president getting a COVID-19 vaccine is no longer news, but it is in Tanzania.

Washington has backpedaled its relaxed mask guidance, and is poised to announce a vaccine mandate for federal employees and contractors today,

In announcing the settlement yesterday with the 3 biggest opioid distributors and drugmaker Johnson & Johnson, a group of state attorneys general acknowledge the compensation is insufficient for those who lost loved ones to opioids,

Pfizer and BioNTech have inked a letter of intent with South African biopharma company Biovac for it to ultimately "fill and finish" 100 million+ doses of the effective mRNA vaccine for Africa,

COVID-19 moving at its fastest pace yet across Africa as cases have risen for 8 straight weeks and deaths rose 43% in the week ending July 11, from 4,384 to 6,273,

The US FDA warned yesterday that the single-shot Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine has been linked in very rare instances to Guillain-Barré syndrome.  

Haiti: Doctors Dodging Bullets  

The latest menace in the fight against the pandemic—the fast-spreading delta variant—can evade some antibodies produced by COVID-19 vaccines and natural infection, according to new

More than a dozen countries across Africa are at a high risk for measles outbreaks, after millions of children missed their measles and rubella vaccines during the pandemic, Precision Vaccinations reports.  

The WHO has endorsed a duo of rheumatoid arthritis drugs for treating COVID-19 after they showed promising results in reducing the risk of death and the need for mechanical ventilation.