The SARS-CoV-2 mutation now rapidly spreading across England’s South East is potentially up to 70% more infectious than its predecessor—but not necessarily more dangerous, according to a new 

Hey readers, Annalies here! Today, we’re continuing our look back on an extraordinary year for global health, featuring part 2 of our series on the best COVID-19 reporting.   But there was more to 2020 than COVID-19… Tomorrow and Wednesday, look for our picks of the…

Our first newsletter of 2020 led with the California wildfires. Our second summary was about a mysterious pneumonia in Wuhan. Within weeks, the virus would define not only the year but a generation. Throughout 2020, courageous and brilliant reporters relentlessly…

Researchers want to make a global disease forecasting system that would be as easy as checking the weather.  

If we wanted to, we could list a COVID-19 moment for every month of 2020.

Up to a third of the world’s people have no safety net to buffer COVID-19’s economic blows, a

Contact tracing—with its deceptively simple mantra of “test-trace-isolate”—varies wildly from country to country in strategy and success. 

“It feels amazing.” That's how one shipping staffer described sending out the first US COVID-19 vaccines yesterday from cargo hubs in Tennessee and Kentucky.

The WHO stands accused of conspiring with Italy to remove a damning pandemic preparedness report published May 13—and pulled a day later—that was intended to prevent deaths after the virus’s devastating first wave, 

As the COVID-19 scourge intensifies, it may be weakening our battle against tuberculosis—but pooling resources could boost the fight against both diseases.