Far-right extremists in the US have latched on to anti-vaxxers to stir mistrust in the government, 

“Once you feel bad, this disease doesn’t give you more time”—that’s what it’s like to discover you have Chagas disease, explained one sufferer in Mexico.   He was lucky to find treatment—most cases in Mexico are never diagnosed.

It’s a pandemic mystery: Initially mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 cases that launch a “stubborn and complex array of symptoms” that can ebb and flow for months.  

AstraZeneca said it will release up-to-date results within 48 hours after being stung last night by an independent US monitoring panel’s concerns that the company had relied on “outdated information” in the promising analysis of its COVID-19 vaccine’s efficacy data.   The…

A Confidence Booster for AZ Vax The AstraZeneca vaccine rollercoaster ride that started last week with a steep dive on concerns about the vaccine’s possible link to blood clots turned sharply upwards today on news of stronger than expected efficacy in a 32,000-person…

The impact of COVID-19 lockdowns is just beginning to be understood.

A pandemic lockdown, school closures, and a shocking 90% unemployment rate have made it easy for youths in Harare to see crystal meth as an escape, 

COVID-19 is hitting Papua New Guinea “like a tornado,” forcing hospitals to close because so  many doctors and nurses are ill,

The world is still eagerly awaiting the WHO’s report into the origins of COVID-19 in China—expected out this week.