A trio of reports released yesterday highlight global issues connected to refugees, asylum seekers, and human trafficking:  

Skyrocketing COVID-19 cases across Indonesia, fueled by the Delta variant, are overwhelming hospitals and oxygen supplies—pushing the country to the brink of catastrophe, 

Tanzania has reached a major milestone in this pandemic: acknowledgment.  

A deadly third wave of COVID-19 is gathering force across many African countries powered by weak observance of public health measures, increased social activity, and the spread of variants,

The results are in: US scientists found a “likely association” between COVID-19 vaccines and heightened risk of rare heart issues in adolescents and young adults, according to new data presented to the CDC Wednesday, 

While headlines have been trained on the crisis in India and recovery in the US and Europe, South America is in the midst of “a silent decimation by COVID unlike that anywhere else in the world,” 

Cuba announced high efficacy for 2 of its 5 homegrown COVID-19 vaccines, cheering its scientists for achieving the feat despite the ongoing US embargo, reports

The Delta coronavirus variant—the most speedy and efficient strain yet—is poised to “pick off” the most vulnerable as it quickly becomes dominant worldwide, WHO warned yesterday,

Caesarean section rates are climbing worldwide and will continue to do so, according to new research

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets across Brazil Saturday, slamming the government’s pandemic response as the country’s COVID-19 death toll topped half a million—the second highest in the world behind the US