When cancer survivor Blanca Quintero got COVID-19, her doctors in California weren’t answering her calls, 

A relatively small number of people pump out much of the online misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, according to a 

Shocking. Remarkable. A “lump-in-your-throat moment.”  

Vaccination may be a pass to certain activities—but what about actual vaccine passports?  

COVID-19 patients with weakened immune systems may be acting as incubators for the mutating virus, according to a new theory,

Mounting research has shown pregnant women fare worse than their nonpregnant counterparts when it comes to COVID-19.   One promising finding is that the virus rarely crosses over to the fetus.

The wealthy vs. developing countries’ scuffle over patent rights to COVID-19 vaccines has intensified at the World Trade Organization this week.

Among COVID-19’s many casualties: A global focus on the growing dangers of antibiotic resistance.  

In America’s jumbled sea of COVID-19 vaccine eligibility guidelines, medically vulnerable people are being left behind. 

Health systems are struggling with the tension between  COVID-19’s immediate demands and the long-term struggle against tuberculosis—one of the deadliest infectious diseases.