Data visualizations have been key to COVID-19 public messaging—but “counter-visualizations”  have been leveraged by coronavirus skeptics and anti-maskers.  

After initially rejecting Johnson & Johnson vaccines—saying they were “very good” but “not as good” as the Moderna and Pfizer’s—Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan walked back his statement, 

As wealthy nations roll out millions of COVID-19 vaccines and are beginning to reap the benefits, a devastating inverse trend in South America is sending cases soaring, PAHO chief

Some long-haul COVID-19 patients are reporting post-jab improvements.

Vaccines are not just tools for disease prevention, they’re also a means for countries to project soft power in lower-income countries,

Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine secured approvals for widespread use by the

Good news on reinfection front: US NIH researchers found that people with SARS-CoV-2 antibodies showed “substantial” immunity to the virus at least for a few months, 

Superspreader events have long been recognized as a key player in this pandemic.  

Behind each COVID-19 death is an unfathomable ordeal that is largely witnessed only by physicians and nurses.   The struggle for air is like breathing through a very narrow straw… indefinitely. Lungs feel “full of bees.”

The unimaginable becomes real.