The Delta variant is speeding past sluggish global vaccination efforts, likely bringing a brutal summer of infections across dozens of countries–-even in some nations with plentiful vaccine stocks.  

School-age children with asymptomatic malaria are a key driver of infections, posing a “hidden risk” to disease control efforts, according to a 

COVID-19 is accelerating in Africa as reported weekly cases have jumped 44% and deaths are up 20%,

The US has surpassed 600,000 COVID-19 deaths—the highest of any country in the world, 

The pandemic didn’t stop some hospitals from aggressive tactics to recover medical debts.  

A third COVID-19 vaccine dose may provide some hope for increased immunity for people with organ transplants, according to results of a small study published today in the

What in June 2020 was an observation trickling through Europe’s medical community is now solidifying as a global trend: young to middle-aged women are most vulnerable to long COVID, 

5 polio vaccination team members were killed and at least 4 wounded by gunmen early today in 2 separate attacks in eastern Afghanistan, 

The Novavax COVID-19 vaccine has shown high efficacy—90.4% overall—against the disease in its Phase 3 trial, the company announced today.    The not-yet-peer-reviewed results:

Human rights groups are outraged by Syria’s May 28 appointment to a WHO leadership role, despite the Assad regime’s egregious attacks on health care documented by the WHO itself.   Rights groups fear that Syria could use its 3-year appointment to the WHO’s 34-member…